Business leaders say mothballing of nuclear plant presents challenges and opportunities (2014/04/29)

Industrial leaders expressed mixed views today over plans to mothball the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant. While many fear that higher electricity costs will drive away investors, Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou said the policy shift presents an opportunity for local businesses to find ways to save energy. 

According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, mothballing the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant without providing an alternative source of energy will lead to risk of power rationing by 2018. It estimates a rise in rates of 40 percent. The director-general of the Chinese National Federation of Industries worries this will affect willingness to invest in Taiwan.

Rock Hsu
Chinese National Federation of Industries
For domestic sales, of course if costs become more expensive it will be reflected in prices consumers pay.

Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou is more optimistic.

Terry Gou
Hon Hai Chairman
Whether or not the nuclear plant is built, I think everyone needs to look at ways to save energy. We are doing this in our Taiwan factories. The government must establish an industrial structure that allows labor costs and social resource costs to produce added value. The more added value, the lower the impact of higher electricity fees.

Hon Hai has made investments in automation and non-labor manufacturing. Gou believes progress is still possible when changes such as these are combined with reforms to energy, industrial structure and electricity rate calculations. 




[[工總理事長 許勝雄]]


[[鴻海董事長 郭台銘]]



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