Switch malfunction causes serious high-speed rail delays (2014/04/29)

About 10,000 passengers were affected by the most serious of a recent spate of delays on the high-speed railway. A switch malfunction delayed traffic Tuesday morning between Taipei Main Station and Banqiao Station. More than three hours were needed to restore normal service. 

Commuters crowd in front of this station entrance as discontent is starting to boil over. From 9:24 this morning, a switch malfunction affected two-way traffic between Taipei Main Station and Banqiao Station.

“This afternoon I have to attend a company meeting, but now I fear that I won’t be able to make it.”

To carry out repairs, the operator of the high-speed rail originally decided to close one direction to traffic while keeping the other line open for two-way traffic. At 11:30, with workers unable to solve the problem, it announced the suspension of all service from Taipei Main Station. Instead, all trains would depart from Banqiao Station.

“I’m going to Kaohsiung for vacation but everything has been delayed. There are friends waiting for me. This really is a headache.”

Workers spent nearly three hours to complete repairs.

Huang Ming-hsuan 
High-speed Rail Taipei Station PR 
The Taiwan High Speed Railway engineering unit finished completing signal repairs at around 12:20. All lines were functioning regularly at 1 pm.

Passengers experiencing delays of more than 30 minutes qualify for a refund of up to half of their fare. Those delayed 60 minutes or more could get a full refund available at each station within one year.








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