Medical doctor learns sign language to provide better treatment to hearing impaired (2014/04/30)

A doctor in Tainan was inspired to learn sign language after treating a hearing impaired patient. Now better communication skills allow her to provide better medical services. 

Arriving at Tsai Yueh-chi’s clinic, we see her moving her hand and feet to communicate with this patient. It is a silent form of communication, as this doctor specializes in treating those who are hearing or speech impaired.

Tsai Yueh-chi
A hearing impaired person who came to my clinic appreciated my thorough examination and treatment. This person wrote a note expressing an interest in teaching me sign language so I could become a doctor specializing in the care of the hearing impaired.

Initially, Tsai planned to gain familiarity with sign language to help her practice. Later, when she temporarily lost her voice due to illness, she learned how useful it was and took her studies quite seriously.

Tsai Yueh-chi
This helped close the distance between doctor and patient. Patients can say where they feel discomfort without the aid of an interpreter, alleviating worries of a mistake. When I respond to them, they know if I have grasped their meaning.

Tsai also encourages more young doctors to learn sign language to provide hearing impaired patients with better medical service.




[[手語門診醫生 蔡悅琪]]
“聽障的病人來看我的門診,他就很喜歡我看診的方式很仔細,他就筆寫給我說 我要教你手語,你以後要成為聽障朋友的醫生”


[[手語門診醫生 蔡悅琪]]



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