Critics dispute reasons for Ma’s KMT leadership changes (2014/04/30)

Reaction toward the KMT leadership changes is mixed. While a party legislator says Ma is trying to bring in more voices, an analyst argues he is trying to quiet municipal leaders who often join the chorus of anti-Ma critics. 

On the eve of Labor Day, at a KMT Central Standing Committee meeting Chairman Ma Ying-jeou expressed his goal of dropping unemployment below 3 percent. Beside him were three people who will soon be out of a job: Chan Chun-po, John Chiang and Lin Feng-cheng, the KMT vice chairmen who will be replaced by Mayors Eric Chu, Jason Hu and Hau Lung-bin. This is what KMT Legislator Wu Yu-sheng had to say about the change:

Wu Yu-sheng
KMT Legislator
Mistakes have been made, but the possibility of success is still open. There is a good party environment that allows for great interaction.

While some in the party believe that Ma is opening the way for a new generation of leaders, this analyst thinks his strategy is to blunt criticism.

Chen Li-hung
Ma Ying-jeou is becoming a lame duck, but installing these vice chairmen doesn’t mean that he’s delegating power. I think this is his way of stressing joint responsibility. Ma is weakening criticism that these feudal vassals are directing at himself and his government.

DPP Legislator Huang Wei-cher does not believe Ma’s latest personnel change will mitigate criticism. With each of the new vice chairmen facing pressure from voters, they will not be able to toe the party line.



五一勞動節前夕, 兼任黨主席的馬總統主持國民黨中常會, 期許失業率能夠降到3%, 坐在他旁邊的詹春柏,還有台下的蔣孝嚴,林豐正,三位副主席,心中卻五味雜陳, 因為他們即將卸任交棒給朱立倫, 胡志強和郝龍斌三位市長。對於馬總統的動作,國民黨立委也做出解讀。

[[國民黨立委 吳育昇]]


[[資深媒體人 陳立宏]]



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