Northern, central Taiwan mayors given leadership roles in KMT (2014/04/30)

The KMT has named three new vice chairmen. Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin, New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu and Taichung Mayor Jason Hu will take on a greater role as the party prepares for local elections later this year and the presidential election in 2016. 

It was business as usual this morning for Eric Chu, who met with heads of local government departments and offices. Chu has yet to say if he will run for re-election, but he already has a new responsibility, having been named one of three new KMT vice chairmen. He is joined by the leaders of Taipei and Taichung.

Eric Chu
New Taipei City Mayor
The party faces many challenges. (Ma) hopes that we municipal mayors can bring in a wide range of opinions that reflect grassroots level voices. 

Hau Lung-bin
Taipei Mayor
It is a highly difficult time for the nation and the party. Personally, I believe we should shoulder the challenges we face together and pursue what’s right without looking back. Elected mayors understand the pulse and popular will of the people. We can share these views with party headquarters.

Jason Hu
Taichung Mayor
I have never had this ambition, but yesterday I told (Ma) that we are duty bound to confront the party’s difficulties together. If everyone said they were unwilling to join this fight, it would be of no help to the KMT.

Some analysts believe that Ma is paving the way for one of these mayors to serve as a successor and even run for president in 2016. Chu and Hau both said the issues are unrelated.




[[新北市長 朱立倫]]

[[台北市長 郝龍斌]]
“面對現在國家跟黨,都是最艱困的時刻,我個人覺得我們應該,一起承擔 ,義無反顧,民選的首長大概對於民間的脈動跟民意的掌握,我們可以把這部份的意見,充分的來向黨中央反應”

[[台中市長 胡志強]]
“我一直沒有這個意願,但是昨天我告訴他八個字,共赴黨難 責無旁貸,如果大家都說,我也不願意去 你也不願意去,那對國民黨沒有幫助”

但這是不是代表馬總統,提早展開接班佈局,甚至佈局2016? 朱立倫跟郝龍斌異口同聲表示完全無關。


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