Pack Your Bags Like a Soldier   高效行李打包攻略:效仿軍人就對了!




You can learn a lot about how to pack for a trip from the military.



   Learning to pack your suitcase skillfully will make traveling much easier, and there is no one better to learn from than a soldier. And what's the first rule of learning any new skill? Practice! As part of their training, soldiers pack, unpack, and repack their bags many times.



   But what do they choose to put in their luggage, and how do they do it? It's important to start with a plan. Soldiers are very careful to only bring necessary items. So, lay out everything you think you will need and make sure it is important before it goes into your bag.



   Next comes the actual packing. Here, soldiers are careful to make sure everything is either neatly folded or tightly rolled, which saves space. Items go into the bags so that their weight is evenly balanced, and there is very little space between objects. Finally, anything you need right away is packed last so that it's near the top of your bag. If you manage to do all of these things, then congratulations: you've packed like a soldier!


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