Attack of the Smartphone Zombies! 低頭殭屍大軍來襲!

Jay Sailors




Do you sometimes text or read on your smartphone while walking in public? If so, be careful—you don’t want to join the march of the "smartphone zombies." These are people who are so glued to their phones while walking that they put themselves and others in danger. This has become such a big problem that local governments have been forced to address it.



Honolulu, Hawaii, recently passed a law against looking at smartphones while crossing a street. People can be fined up to US$100 if they're caught more than once. The issue in the city is serious—many people have been hit by vehicles because they were looking at their phones. Similar laws have been proposed in Toronto, Canada, and several US states.



Taiwan is no stranger to smartphone zombies. If you're in Taipei, you may have seen public service advertisements bearing the phrase "Don't be a phubber." This refers to people who are too busy with their smartphones to pay attention to anything else. This is also a problem in Taichung, which has plans to paint signs on the ground to warn people of the dangers of walking while using smartphones.


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