"Alien ice" is seen forming on Earth for first time! 破天荒!「外星冰」在地球上形成






For the first time, strange alien ice has been seen forming on Earth by US researchers. This revelation was made by the researchers at Stanford University on July 8, 2017.




The researchers dubbed the alien ice as ice seven, which forms naturally in the environment when planetary ice bodies collide.




"These experiments with water are the first of their kind, allowing us to witness a fundamental disorder-to-order transition in one of the most abundant molecules in the universe," said study lead author Arianna Gleason, a visiting scientist in the Extreme Environments Laboratory of Stanford’s School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences.




Most powerful X-ray lasers were used by the researchers to create ice VII with the help of Linac Coherent Light Source. Another instrument called X-ray Free Electron Laser is used to beam the compressed water.




This transformation took place in just six billionths of a second, or nanoseconds during the procedure.



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