Celebrating Hogmanay    歡慶霍格莫內




Join in the fun during the biggest Scottish holiday of the year.



   Scottish people have always done things their own way, and the holiday of Hogmanay is no exception. Most countries begin New Year's celebrations on December 31. The Scots start theirs on December 30, but then keep going until January 2 with Hogmanay. This holiday is said to have been adopted from Viking traditions in the 8th and 9th centuries. Later, celebrating Christmas was not allowed for a period of time in that country, so Hogmanay became the most important holiday in Scotland.



   There are a lot of special traditions during Hogmanay for bringing luck and fortune to your family for the coming year. One of the most unique is called first-footing. First-footing is when the first person that comes into your house during the holiday brings a lucky gift, such as coal, a black bun, shortbread, or sometimes whiskey.



   Fire and fireworks are another big part of Hogmanay celebrations. This was traditionally a way to chase away evil spirits. In many cities like Edinburgh, partygoers carry torches through the street, and some even dress up in Viking clothing. Then, when the clock strikes midnight, people hold hands and sing "Auld Lang Syne" to ring in the New Year before continuing the party until January 2.


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