The Traditions of Chinese New Year  農曆新年習俗談




 About a month before the Lunar New Year, people start to prepare for the biggest holiday in Asia. This includes getting their fortunes read so that they know what the upcoming year has in store for them. Barbershops and beauty salonsare booked many days in advance because it is bad luck to cut anything during Chinese New Year.


  Malls, stores, and markets all have sales leading up to the New Year. Customers happily fill the aisles to part with their hard-earned money. The hottest items before the start of the holiday are food and red clothing. Also before the New Year, people's homes get a thorough cleaning. All old furniture and belongings are taken out with the trash as well. This is so that during Chinese New Year, no one sweeps away any good luck.


  On the eve of the New Year, a family reunion is held, with a feast as the main focus. There are dumplings which symbolize wealth, a fish dish, and a variety ofother foods. This meal is comparable to Christmas dinner in the West.


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