Caffeine: Harmless Helper or Energy-Boosting Enemy? 咖啡因的利弊得失
—Jay Sailors




People the world over love caffeine. This chemical, which is found in tea, coffee, and soda, helps us stay awake and makes us feel good. But even if you consume it every day, there are many things about caffeine that you may not know. 


First of all, caffeine isn't only in drinks. There is caffeine in several foods, including chocolate, cereal, and protein bars. But caffeine can do more than just wake you up. It is often added to pain medicines to speed up their effects. Caffeine is also used in weight-loss products for appetite control. Today, you can also find caffeine listed in the ingredients for products that you don't consume but apply to your body, such as soap. Caffeine is used in items like eye cream because the chemical can temporarily reduce inflammation in the skin. 

Studies have shown that regular caffeine consumption has long-term health benefits. For instance, caffeine has been shown to sharpen the memory. It can even lower the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. However, caffeine is not a miracle drug, and caution must be applied when you use products that contain it.


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