Petit Pil: A Solution to a Growing Problem with Clothes可從小穿到大的童裝

Andrew Crosthwaite




Young children grow quickly, which can be a wonderful thing to witness. Unfortunately, they also quickly outgrow their clothes, which isn't so wonderful. For parents, buying new, larger clothes can be expensive. Not only that, but all those new outfits are a huge waste of resources. But what if we had clothes that could grow along with the children who wear them?



A young engineer named Ryan Yasin has developed a new type of material with special folds that allow it to expand and contract. With his company, Petit Pli, he's used it to make clothing that fits children from 6 to 36 months old. Aside from being an economical choice, Yasin's clothes are also wind- and rainproof, and they can be machine washed like regular clothing without losing their folds.

一位名叫萊恩.亞辛的年輕工程師發展出一種有特殊皺摺的新材質,使其可以伸縮自如。他利用自己的Petit Pli公司來製造六個月到三歲兒童都可以穿的服飾。亞辛的童裝除了是個經濟實惠的選擇,也可防風防水,而且可以像一般衣物一樣機洗而不會失去皺摺。


Ultimately, Yasin hopes that his clothing will serve as a way to reduce the harm caused by the world's obsession with fast fashion. "Children are used outgrowing their clothes, but it doesn't have to be like that, " he says. "We can be more resourceful."


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