Psychologists: A Look into the Mind  揭開心理學家的神秘面紗




The mind works in mysterious ways. It is responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and actions, but it can't be seen or touched. Because of this, a psychologist's job can be challenging. He or she must try to understand an object as complex as the mind.



To begin with, psychology includes many branches and areas. Clinical psychologists work with people suffering from mental and emotional disorders. Cognitive psychologists study mental processes, such as memory and problem-solving, and their goal might be to improve memory or decision-making skills. Many psychologists work in specialized fields. For example, sports psychologists may focus on how the mind influences a runner's speed, and occupational psychologists might look for ways to increase workers' effectiveness at the workplace.



No matter what their specializations are, all psychologists take a scientific approach to their studies. This may include doing interviews, testing theories, and interpreting data to find a cause-and-effect relationship between behavior and the mind's workings. The scientific approach is what separates the psychologist's findings from the regular opinions that any one of us might have about a person's behavior.


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