"Tabikaeru" a mobile game about a traveling frog is a big hit in China-「旅行青蛙」—一款關於青蛙旅行的手機遊戲,在中國蔚為風潮


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Over the past few weeks, gamers in China have become obsessed with a free-roaming Japanese frog. Travel Frog has topped the charts in the free game category in Apple’s App Store in China for more than a fortnight.


過去幾週以來,中國遊戲玩家沉迷於一隻隨意漫遊的日本青蛙。手遊「旅行青蛙」在中國的蘋果App Store免費遊戲類排行榜居冠已逾兩週。


The main protagonist of the game is a frog that goes on adventures around Japan. Players collect clovers that grow in the frog’s garden so they can buy supplies for the frog’s journeys. In turn, the frog sends players souvenirs and snapshots from its travels.




The game has become popular among Chinas post-1990s generation, "Zen-generation." It refers to the Buddha-like attitude having no desires and indifferent to everything, apathetic of Chinese youth. "It really suits the post-90s generation, because we are overwhelmed with work," 27-year-old Shen told the BBC.




But not everyone is thrilled about Travel Frog. In a post on social media platform Weibo last week, the state-run People’s Daily opined that people should aim to enrich themselves and "avoid being a lonely frog-raising youth."



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