Untamed Americas 野性美洲



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Follow the story of the Western Hemisphere's wildest places.



  Covering nearly 14,000 kilometers across two hemispheres, the Americas have a wide variety of landscapes. Starting in the lands of the far north in Alaska and ending at the offshore islands of Chile in the south, these two rugged continents are home to some of the most impressive wildlife on the planet. This month on National Geographic is a special, four-part series about some of the most remote places in the Western Hemisphere on Untamed Americas. Watch the excitement of this HD journey through mountains, deserts, coasts, and forests.



  These unique landscapes feature some of the greatest animals on Earth. Whether it is high in the Rockies or Andes Mountains or in some of the hottest deserts in the world, life in the Americas is a struggle for survival. Viewers can experience what it is like for salmon to make it out alive when grizzly bears are on the hunt. Untamed Americas captures the difficulties faced by wildlife in a way never before seen on film. From jaguars hunting caimans to thousands of mobula rays flying through the air, don't miss a minute of the action this month on National Geographic.

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