Supermarkets must stop using plastic packaging, says former Asda boss 英國艾斯達超市前老闆:超市必須停止使用塑膠包裝







Andy Clarke, CEO of one of Britain’s biggest supermarket chains Asda for six years, said the only solution to resolve the world’s plastic proliferation crisis was for retailers to reject plastic entirely in favor of more sustainable alternatives like paper, steel, glass and aluminum.




"Go into any supermarket in the country and you will be met by a wall of Technicolor plastic," Clarke said. "Be it fruit and veg or meat and dairy, plastic encases virtually everything we buy."




Regardless of billions of pounds of investment in Britain’s recycling infrastructure, all plastic packaging will reach landfill or the bottom of the ocean sooner or later. Once there, it will remain on the earth for centuries.




Clarke said supermarkets should create plastic-free aisles and showcase the wealth of alternatives to plastic.




"We have been able to recycle plastic for decades yet it remains a scourge on the planet. Recycling will never offer a durable solution to the plastic crisis – we simply have to use less plastic in the first place."



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