Park Mak-rye: South Korea's One-of-a-kind YouTube Star   南韓奶奶的 YouTube 異想世界




One of South Korea's most popular Internet celebrities is old enough to be your grandmother.



   The rise of YouTube has created many young vloggers that show off their skills, give fashion advice, or talk about life. However, few older people have joined in to share their opinions. Thankfully, a South Korean woman named Park Mak-rye is an exception. This 70-year-old grandmother has hundreds of thousands of fans on her YouTube channel.

   YouTube 的興起已造就許多年輕的視頻部落客來展現他們的技巧、給予時尚建議,或是談論生活。然而,年紀較大的人卻比較少參與來分享他們的看法。值得高興的是,一位名為朴寞禮的南韓女性是個例外。這位七十歲的奶奶在她的 YouTube 頻道上擁有數十萬個粉絲。


   Park started her channel after her granddaughter suggested that making videos would help her keep her memories sharp. Her videos are about her life and what it's like to grow old. Unlike many younger YouTubers who try to always look perfect, Park isn't afraid to show off her wrinkles when she does a make-up video. She also makes videos giving advice about life or sharing some of her experiences.

   Young people enjoy watching Park because she is not fake or just trying to become famous. They also enjoy seeing what life is like through the eyes of an older person. Park has thanked YouTube for giving new meaning to her life. She said that before YouTube she felt like, "Since I'm 70, my life is over." Now, she believes that "life starts at 71."

   在朴女士的孫女建議她錄製影片有助於保持敏銳的記憶力後,她便開設了自己的頻道。她的影片都是關於她的生活以及人老後的大小事。不同於許多努力讓自己隨時看起來完美無瑕的年輕 YouTuber 的是,朴女士不害怕在拍攝化妝影片時顯露她的皺紋。她也拍攝給予人生建議或是分享一些自身經驗的影片。

   年輕人很喜歡看朴女士的影片,因為她非但不做作,也不是只想紅。他們也喜歡透過長者的視角來觀看人生。朴女士感謝 YouTube 為她的人生帶來新意義。她表示在接觸到 YouTube 之前,她曾覺得:「我的人生從七十歲就結束了。」現在,她相信「人生七十一才開始。」

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