Knot a problemBangkok tackles street cables-收束麻煩:曼谷著手處理道路電線問題






In Bangkok, the Thai capital, Wireless Road, like many streets, is festooned with electrical and telecom cables, a black web that hangs menacingly overhead. But Bangkok authorities are now untangling the cables and moving them underground as part of an urban renewal.




Wireless Road, which got its name from hosting one of Thailand’s first radio transmitting stations, is among dozens of streets targeted in the early phase of the de-cluttering campaign.




The project has been planned for years, but had an unexpected progress after Microsoft founder Bill Gates visited Bangkok in 2016 and took a disapproving photo of one street’s wiry web. Less than a week later, the government announced that cleanup was moving forward.




So far 1,184 utility poles have been removed from three of the city’s biggest roads. Over the next five years authorities plan to strip cables from 39 more streets totaling 127 kilometers.




"The main advantage is the security of the electrical system. When the cables are underground, the problem with disturbances that can cause blackouts will be gone," said Bangkok authorities.



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