Cool New Eats: Stir-fried Ice Cream「泰」療癒!無法抗拒的炒冰魅力



Stir-fried ice cream is a cool trend that is popping up all over the place. 


For a few years, bubble tea was the biggest dessert to come out of Asia. Now, there is a new kid on the block—stir-fried ice cream. This frozen treat was originally sold by street vendors in Thailand and is called i-tim pad or ice pan ice cream. The process takes about two minutes and is nearly as much fun to watch as it is to actually eat the ice cream.

近幾年來,珍珠茶飲(編按:bubble tea 可泛指所有含珍珠的茶類飲料,也常專指「珍珠奶茶」。)位居亞洲出產的甜品之冠。現在有位新星登場了 —— 那就是炒冰。這種冰凍的美食原為泰國街頭小販所販售,它叫做「i-tim pad」,或稱為「冰板冰淇淋」。其製作過程費時約兩分鐘,且觀看過程幾乎就跟實際吃到冰淇淋一樣有趣。


Instead of using ice cream that is already frozen, vendors use fresh cream. First, a customer orders one of the dozen or so flavors and ingredients. Then, the person preparing it pours fresh cream and the fruit, candy, or cookies onto a frozen circular plate that looks like a flat top grill. Within seconds, the cream starts to become hard, so two metal spatulas are used to "stir fry" the ice cream and chop up the ingredients into the mixture. Once it is frozen enough, it is spread across the frozen plate and then cut into rolls which are put into a bowl with a topping of your choice. People think that ice cream takes hours to freeze, but this delicious treat can be ready to eat in minutes.


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