People Who Like to Stay Up Later Have a Higher Chance of Early Death, Study Finds 研究發現,愛熬夜的人容易早死






Night owls may be more fun at parties, but a preference for staying out late may come with some serious drawbacks, suggests a new study published this week in Chronobiology International.




Researchers looked data from a large, ongoing population study of UK residents, known as the UK Biobank Study. Around a half a million participants enrolled in the study from 2006 to 2010 and have had their health tracked ever since.




In the current study, the researchers specifically looked at over 400,000 volunteers between the ages of 38 to 73 who answered a question about whether they were a morning or evening type, then followed them for an average 6.5 years.




Over 10,000 of those people died during the study period. And compared to people who described themselves as definite morning people, night owls were about 10 percent more likely to have died. More than that, night owls were also just generally unhealthier.




According to the authors, it’s the first to suggest that gastrointestinal and neurological problems are more common among owls.



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