The VanGoYourself Challenge  VanGoYourself:挑戰成為名畫主角




This is a fun, creative way to really get into classic art.



   A new trend with an artistic twist is spreading across social media. It's called VanGoYourself, and it's an activity where people recreate famous paintings through pictures. Named after the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, VanGoYourself aims to promote classic European paintings in a fun way.

  一股加入了變相藝術的新潮流正在社群媒體中蔓延。它叫做 VanGoYourself,是一個人們可以透過照片來重現名畫的活動。VanGoYourself 以著名荷蘭畫家文生‧梵谷的名字命名,旨在以趣味手法宣傳歐洲經典畫作。


  To try it out, visit the VanGoYourself website. There, you can search for the perfect painting to imitate. Many museums and art galleries have given paintings to the site, so there are plenty to choose from. After you've made your selection, act out the scene either by yourself or with friends. Then, snap a photo and upload it to the site. Your picture will be automatically joined to the painting, and you can share the image on social media.

  想試試身手的話,就上 VanGoYourself 網站吧。在那裡,你可以搜尋你要模仿的理想畫作。許多博物館及藝廊都提供了畫作給該網站,所以選擇非常豐富。你選好畫後,便可自己或與朋友一起演出畫中情境。接著拍一張照並上傳至該網站。你的照片會自動與那幅畫合併起來,然後你就可以在社群媒體上分享這張圖片了。


  There are different ways to imitate the paintings. Some people try to copy the clothing by making their own costumes. Others attempt to create a more modern version of the painting. VanGoYourself is a fun way to engage with and discover amazing classic paintings. Check out the site and turn your selfie into a true work of art.

  模仿畫作的方法五花八門。有些人自製服裝來嘗試模仿畫中人物的衣著。也有人試圖創造畫作的現代版本。VanGoYourself 是個讓人與經典名畫建立密切關係、以及認識驚人大作的有趣方式。到這個網站去看看,把你的自拍照變成一幅真正的藝術品吧。

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