EmptationBundling: A New Tool in the Fight against Procrastination 打擊拖延症!「誘惑綑綁」不容你拖拖拉拉


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Psychologists have recently come up with a new way to get people to stop procrastinating.


 The carrot and stick method was long thought to be the best way to beat procrastination. When you complete a boring task or a really difficult assignment, you give yourself a reward like a big bowl of ice cream. Most of the time, however, this doesn't work because people simply reward themselves first and don't finish the task. Now, there is a new method to get people to do things on time called temptation bundling. 


   Simply put, temptation bundling is combining something you love with a task you don't want to do into one activity. For instance, you could encourage yourself to go to the gym by only allowing yourself to watch your favorite TV show when you are there. Or, you could make it your policy to only go to your favorite cafe when you need to study. This gives you a reason to not procrastinate, and it can eventually help you turn a hated activity into something you love. You may look forward to going to the gym because you can't wait to see the next episode of your favorite show, or you might study harder while sipping a latte. Instead of running away from your duties, give temptation bundling a try.


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