The Man behind Minecraft 「創世」巨星馬庫斯‧泊松




Learn how a Swedish programmer created one of the world's most popular games.



   Video games are no longer just the hobby of the young. Big game development studios spend almost as much money as Hollywood movies studios. But the real rock stars are the programmersthe ones who turn lines of code into the next Call of Duty. One of the biggest star programmers in years is Markus Persson.

   電子遊戲不再只是年輕人的嗜好。大型遊戲開發工作室花費的金額幾乎跟好萊塢電影公司一樣多。但其中真正的巨星是程式設計師 —— 也就是那群將一行行程式碼轉化成下一套《決勝時刻》系列的人。馬庫斯‧泊松就是近年來最大咖的明星設計師之一。


   Persson was born in 1979 in Stockholm, Sweden. By the time he was seven years old, he was already writing programs on his dad's Commodore 128. Just a year after his first line of code, he made his first gamea basic text-based adventure.

  泊松生於 1979 年瑞典的斯德哥爾摩。在七歲之前,他已經用他爸爸的 Commodore 128 家用電腦在寫程式了。在寫出第一行程式碼的一年後,他製作出他的第一個遊戲 —— 一款簡單的文字冒險遊戲。


   It was only natural that, as an adult, Persson would go on to be a game developer at a large studio that made mobile games like Candy Crush. He loved making games so much that his main hobby was making his own games in his free time. One, a boxy-looking open world game where players choose to do whatever they want, would become more popular than he could ever imagine. He called it Minecraft and first released it on online forums in 2009. In just a month, the game went on to sell one million copies.

  成年後的泊松在一家專門製作像《糖果傳奇》這種手遊的大型遊戲工作室擔任遊戲開發者,這是再合理也不過的事了。他非常喜歡製作遊戲,主要的嗜好是在空閒時間製作自己的專屬遊戲。其中一款看起來四四方方的開放世界遊戲,在裡面玩家可以選擇做他們想做的任何事,後來受歡迎的程度遠遠超越了他的想像。他將這個遊戲命名為《當個創世神》,並在 2009 年初次將它發布於線上論壇。短短的一個月功夫,這個遊戲就售出了一百萬套。

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