Russian Ghost Radio 俄羅斯的祕密情報站?!




Is a mysterious radio station in Russia talking to aliens or something else?



   Since the 1970s, a radio station in Russia, nicknamed the Buzzer, has been broadcasting a low buzzing sound. Besides the constant buzz, listeners can also sometimes hear random tones, words, and commands spoken in Russian. Normally, this would not seem too unusual, but the radio signal is coming from abandoned buildings in the middle of a swamp near St. Petersburg. What's even stranger is that no one claims to be running the radio station, and there is no information about it anywhere.

  自七○年代以來,俄羅斯一座叫做 the Buzzer(編按:因其信號發出的聲音聽起來很像蜜蜂飛行時的「嗡嗡」聲,所以無線電愛好者將其綽號取為 the Buzzer;有人直譯成「蜂鳴器」,又稱 UVB-76)的廣播電臺一直在播放低頻的嗡嗡聲。除了持續的嗡嗡聲外,聽眾偶爾還可以聽見隨機的電子設備聲、話語和用俄語下命令的聲音。正常而言,這種情況似乎不算太不尋常,但無線電訊號來自聖彼得堡附近沼澤中的廢棄建築物。更奇怪的是,居然無人聲稱在經營這座廣播電臺,而且到處都找不到關於這裡的任何資料。


  There are many theories behind this strange ghost radio station. Since the Russian military keeps all of its operations secret, people believe they might be using it to signal to their spies around the world. Other wild theories suggest that this is how the Russian government communicates with aliens. It started broadcasting during the Cold War; therefore, some say that the Buzzer acts as a "Dead Hand" signal for Russia's nuclear weapons. According to this theory, in the event that Russia is hit by a nuclear attack, the buzz would stop and automatically signal Russian missiles to fire. While all the theories seem pretty unbelievable, no one has figured out what the Buzzer is for. To this day, it remains a mystery.

  這個奇怪的幽靈廣播電臺背後有很多猜測。由於俄羅斯軍方對所有行動保密,所以人們認為他們可能會用這個電臺來向身處世界各地的間諜發出信號。其他大膽的猜測則說,這就是俄羅斯政府與外星人進行溝通的方式。它是從冷戰時期開始發送信號的;因此,也有人說 the Buzzer 是用來作為啟動俄羅斯核武「死亡之手」的信號。根據這個猜測,萬一俄羅斯遭到核武攻擊,這個嗡嗡聲就會停止,並自動發信號讓俄羅斯導彈發射。儘管所有的猜測似乎都很令人難以置信,也沒有人查出這座 the Buzzer 的用途。直至今日,它仍舊是個謎。

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