Watch Out! Your Smartphone Can Make You Go Blind 小心!智慧型手機會讓你失明




A Canadian teenager recently lost her sight after several hours of watching Netflix on her smartphone, and is still not quite back to 20/20 vision after three months of wearing corrective eyeglasses. It may be rare for such symptoms to last so long. Doctors say, however, that the number of cases of poor vision is increasing rapidly, especially among young gadgetusers. What was once mainly a health issue of the aged is now becoming common even among the very young as they spend ever more of their time looking at tiny screens.

近期有名加拿大青少年,以智慧型手機觀看網路串流電視平台Netfilx節目數小時後失明,配戴矯正眼鏡三個月後,仍尚未恢復至1 . 0 的正常視力,這種症狀維持這麼久的情況,算是罕見。不過,醫生說,視力不良的病例迅速增加中,尤其是使用電子裝置的年輕族群。本為長者才會面臨的健康問題,現在卻常見於極低年齡層,因為他們花越來越多的時間盯著小螢幕。


The problem, doctors say, is that small print and pictures viewed up close force the eye's muscle to bend more than it should in order to focus. This tires the muscle, often resulting in partial loss of vision by the end of the day.



Happily, common sense is enough to avoid serious eye damage from smartphones. Spending less time on your favorite gadget, and letting your eyes rest before using it again, should make for a safe experience online. So give your eyes a break!


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