The Seaside Wonder of Stockholm北歐的威尼斯——斯德哥爾摩

M. M. Leonard




Stockholm, Sweden, is known for traditions both old and new. The eight-hundred-year-old city is famous for its wonderful arts and culture, excellent waterfront views, and high quality of life. To be sure, Stockholm has many unique elements that set it apart from other world capitals.



Perhaps Stockholm's most singular feature is that the city is spread across 14 islands at the edge of the Baltic Sea. For the traveler, this means that the best way to begin a visit to the city is to take a boat trip along the canals to become acquainted with the various islands and districts that make up the city. The summer months are an especially good time for this, with their mild weather and cool, refreshing sea breezes.



One district you will certainly want to visit is Gamla Stan, Stockholm's old town center. Gamla Stan's narrow stone-paved alleys hide numerous shops and cafes. Make your way through the alleys, and you will reach a large square surrounded by brightly painted merchant buildings. Head further north to find the six-hundred-room Royal Palace, which is still home to the Swedish king. Guided tours of the palace are available, so if you want a taste of the royal Swedish life, look no further.

一個你肯定會想去參觀的區域是斯德哥爾摩的舊城中心區(稱作Gamla Stan)。許多商店和咖啡簡餐店就隱身在舊城鋪著石子的窄巷內。穿越巷道,你會抵達一個大廣場,四周圍繞著漆著鮮艷色彩的商業大樓。更往北會發現這座有六百個房間的瑞典皇宮,它至今仍是瑞典國王的住所。皇宮有導覽行程可參加,所以如果你想要瞭解瑞典皇室的生活,就在眼前、不必再費心尋找了。

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