Mini KTVs: All of the Fun at a Fraction of the Size 迷你 KTV:小空間大樂趣



These private KTV booths pack in more rhythm per square inch than any club in town.

這些私人 KTV 包廂的每平方英寸中所彌漫的節奏比城裡其他夜店裡的都還要 high


Throughout Asia, millions of people enjoy singing their hearts out at their local KTV. Songs are sung, food and drink are enjoyed, and everyone has a great time. Now, there is a new type of KTV that is proving that bigger isn't always better.

在整個亞洲,數以百萬計的人喜歡在當地的 KTV 裡盡情吶喊飆歌。唱著歌、享受著食物及飲料,每個人都玩得很愉快。而現在有一種新型的 KTV,證明大的並不一定比較好。


Mini KTVs are about the size of a telephone booth and can be found in shopping mallsaround China and South Korea. Users can walk in and not only sing a song, but also record one, or even a whole album. At around US$3 for 15 minutes, the booths are an affordable and fun way to kill some time. The best part is customers can pay with their phones.

迷你 KTV 的大小接近電話亭,且在中國及南韓的購物中心裡都找得到。使用者走進去後,不僅可以唱首歌,還可錄製一曲,甚至是整張專輯。以每十五分鐘大約三美元的價位來看,使用這些透明小包廂是一種負擔得起又有趣的殺時間方式。最棒的是,消費者還可以用手機來付費。


By June of last year, experts estimated that the number of people using mini KTVs had reached over 10 million in China alone. Certain brands of the machines, like Minik, have already spreadto 500 cities. This is great news for people who love to sing but might be shy about being heard by others. It also helps that they can get a semiprofessionalrecording experience for a fraction of the cost and time. Keep an eye out for this hot new trendat a mall near you.

截至去年六月,專家估計光是在中國使用迷你 KTV 的人數就已達到一千多萬人次。某些廠牌的機器,像是 Minik,已經拓展至五百座城市。對於喜歡唱歌卻不好意思被別人聽到的人來說,這無疑是個好消息。他們只花少少的費用與時間,就可獲得半專業的錄音體驗,這一點也是個優勢。留意一下你附近商場裡的這種熱門新趨勢吧。

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