Keep Cool and Stay Sweet with Frozen Treats 消暑冰品沁涼一夏

Jay Sailors




Now that it's summer, it's time for some refreshingly cold treats. And that means more than just scoops and cones of ice cream; there's a whole world of frozen treats out there that many of us have never seen. Let's have a taste!



One delicious cold treat is faloodeh, an ancient Persian dish that is one of the world's oldest frozen desserts. Often consisting of rice noodles and syrup made from chilled sweet rose water, faloodeh is quite different from ice cream. A little sour-cherry syrup on top adds some tartness to the sweetness.



A traditional frozen dessert in India is kulfi, which is often served on a stick. It looks similar to ice cream, but as kulfi is made from condensed milk and isn't whipped, it's much denser and melts more slowly, making it great for hot days. Flavors such as rose and mango are popular.



Fruit lovers often prefer sorbet, a dairy-free frozen dessert often flavored with a sweet syrup made with fruit juice. A similar dessert that's popular in the United States is sherbet. Not surprisingly, these two dishes are often confused. The difference is sherbet has a small amount of milk or cream added to make it a bit creamier.


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