Which superhero is the strongest? Science has the answer-超級英雄誰最強?科學有答案


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Which superhero is the best? A seven-year study conducted at the University of Leicester used scientific research to examine the "feasibility of the powers behind renowned comic book superheroes."



Students at the university ranked superheroes from Superman to Iron Man on their probability of being able to win a superhero showdown. It comes as no surprise that Superman came out on top, mostly due to the strength of his high-density muscle tissue as well as his super flare attack.



DC’s iconic Man of Steel, Superman, is the "best-equipped" superhero of all, followed closely by Marvel’s Wolverine, Mystique, and Thor. The most destructive superhero title goes to the Black Bolt, whose high energy output is "capable of resulting in planetary annihilation".



As for the worst superhero? You may not like the answer : Batman. Despite his utility belt and various gadgets, he wouldn’t survive a landing after gliding due to the velocity of his movement. Basically, Batman is the worst because he can’t fly and he sucks at falling.


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