Giving up meat and eating bugs can help save the planet 不吃肉,吃蟲救地球






In many food cultures worldwide, insects are a prized delicacy, and reach higher prices than meat. They are eaten in tacos, in bowls of rice and sandwiches. They fit well with many common dishes.




We are told edible insects might save us from ourselves. Edible insects are hoped to be a turning point, because of their role in challenging the meat industry. The farming and processing of animal livestock is destroying wild nature and releasing thousands of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. It’s expanding daily, all to feed a population that is growing in number, in size, and in desire for meat. The edible insect industry might provide an environmentally sound alternative.




Mexico is a wonderful place to sample smokey gusanos beetle larvae, tangy chapulines grasshoppers and buttery escamoles ant eggs. Many markets across sub-Saharan Africa boast teeming mountains of freshly roasted termites after the first rains, which have a satisfying savoury kick reminiscent of bacon. In Southeast Asia, you might be able to find freshly cooked silkworm.



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