The Louvre is on the Move 沙漠藝術之旅 ── 阿布達比羅浮宮




Abu Dhabi takes steps to improve its public image in the art world.



   Most people familiar with art know of the Louvre Museum in Paris. But even the most loyal art lover might not yet know that the Louvre has opened a second branch. No, it's not in Rome, New York City, or any of the other art capitals of the world. This one is located on an island in the Persian Gulf in Abu Dhabi's Cultural District.



   The Louvre Abu Dhabi represents the first overseas expansion of this historic museum. The United Arab Emirates paid US$464 million for the honor. All that investment resulted in an impressive display. The building features a roof that appears to float in the sky, with connecting patterns of shapes that let in natural sunlight. Inside the building are the stars of the museum—the works of masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, and Piet Mondrian hang from the walls.



   Experts say the museum is the kingdom's way of upgrading its international image. Its doors finally opened in November of last year. People from all over the region now have an opportunity to appreciate one of the finest museums in the world.


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