La Pazs colorful cable car system 拉巴斯的彩色電纜車系統






"Now I’m going to get to work faster!" exulted a smiling Rosa Lima, 52, one of the first passengers on a new cable car line in La Paz that reaches into the heart of the Bolivian capital.




The opening of the new "Celestial," or sky-blue line was timed partly as a tribute to the revolution of July 16, 1809 and to the heroes of the struggle against Spanish colonizers.




With a route from the citys south to its administrative heart, site of the main public and private-sector offices and above the noisy, winding and traffic-clogged streets the lines opening was highly anticipated.




This is the seventh line in the city’s modern cable car system. Each line in the system is identified by a color. The first three lines opened were identified as red, yellow and green, in homage to the Bolivian flag. New lines were given the colors of white, blue, sky blue the Celestial line and orange, corresponding to the wiphala. AFP



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