A Brighter Future with Glowing Plants發光植物:未來照明新技術
—Brent Calkins


When it's time to hit the books, you may sometimes use a desk lamp to help you read. But have you ever read by the light of a plant? According to a group of scientists at MIT, this might soon be possible.

The scientists got certain plants to give off light by using a special chemical. This chemical also gives fireflies their glow. The scientists put the plants in a solution that contained the chemical. Then, they exposed the plants to high pressure. This caused a natural reaction of energy that produces light. The plants glowed for nearly four hours.

Plant light could one day take the place of traditional electric light sources, which are less friendly to the environment. The scientists say that if their work improves, plants that give off light may one day be used for all sorts of purposes. Imagine a world in which rather than streetlamps, we use trees to light our way home! Thanks to this technology, the future is certainly looking bright.


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