Volcano Surfing: When Water Is Not Enough  火山衝浪你敢玩嗎? 


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by Daniel Howard 


A little-known extreme sport is giving thrill-seekers something new to try.


Volcano surfing is a relatively new—and unknown—extreme sport. However, there’s a good reason for it to be less popular: it can only happen on the side of an active volcano. For someone who has tried everything else, it can be one of the last thrills left.

火山衝浪是一項相對較新 ── 且不為人知 ── 的極限運動。然而,有個充分理由可以說明它較不普及的原因:該運動只能在活火山的一側進行。對於嘗試過其他極限運動的人來說,這可能是剩下的最後一種刺激之一。


The idea behind volcano surfing is quite simple. Riders hike to the top of the volcano—or at least to a safe spot part way up the mountain. Then, they ride a metal or wood board down the side. It is very similar to sledding, except that the board is sliding across ash and gravel instead of snow. Besides choking dust and sharp stones, volcano surfers must also be careful of flowing lava and even possible eruptions. Therefore, riders wear safety gear, including goggles, pads, and appropriate clothing.

火山衝浪背後的概念相當簡單。衝浪者爬上火山頂 ── 或者至少在上山途中爬到一個安全地點。接著,他們乘坐在一個金屬板或木板上往下滑。它與滑雪橇非常類似,只不過這個板子滑過的是火山灰和碎石而不是雪。除了令人窒息的塵土與尖銳的石頭之外,火山衝浪者還必須小心流動的熔岩以及甚至可能爆發的火山。因此,衝浪者要穿戴安全裝備,包括護目鏡、護墊和適當的服裝。


The original location for volcano surfing is Cerro Negro in Nicaragua. A nearby hosteltakes guests on the 45-minute hike that brings surfers to the top of the slope. From there, they will get to ride specially made sleds nearly 500 meters to the bottom, reaching speeds of over 50 kilometers per hour.



Luckily, Cerro Negro hasn’t had a major eruption since 1999. For those seeking added excitement, there is also Mount Yasur in Vanuatu, which erupts every day. This combines the dangers of molten lava and poisonous gases with the ride down the side of the volcano. For many extreme athletes, this is the real version of volcano surfing, but it’s probably outside the comfort zone of most tourists.

幸運的是,塞羅內格羅火山自 1999 年就沒有大規模的爆發。對於那些尋求更多刺激感的人來說,還有一座位於萬那杜、每天都會爆發的伊蘇爾火山。滑下火山側的滑行結合了熔岩與有毒氣體兩個危險因素。對於許多極限運動員而言,這才是真正的火山衝浪,但它可能超出了大多數遊客的舒適圈範圍。

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