Vietnamese capital Hanoi asks people not to eat dog meat 越南首都河內要求民眾別吃狗肉




Officials in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi are urging residents to stop eating dog meat as it could hurt the city’s reputation and lead to diseases like rabies.



The Hanoi People’s Committee said the practice could tarnish the city’s image as a "civilized and modern capital". Consuming the meat could lead to the spread of diseases like rabies and leptospirosis. Over 1,000 stores in Hanoi still sell dog and cat meat.



There are an estimated 490,000 dogs and cats in Hanoi - the majority of which are pets. A growing number of people in Vietnam disapprove of eating dog meat but it still remains "very much a deep-rooted habit", according to Linh Nguyen, a journalist with the BBC’s Vietnamese service.

據估計,河內有49萬隻貓狗,其中多數是寵物。英國廣播公司越南駐地記者阮琳(Linh Nguyen,譯音)表示,越南有愈來愈多人反對吃狗肉,但這仍是「非常根深柢固的習慣」。


One Facebook user argued that the dish should not be banned completely, as that amounted to deprivation of freedom. Instead, he suggested implementing a heavy tax on dog meat or allowing it only to be sold in specific areas.



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