Indonesia aims to take a bite out of food waste one wedding at a time 印尼致力減少每場婚禮浪費的食物





In the slums of Jakarta, Indonesia’s poor are getting a taste of how the upper class live thanks to a new program called a Blessing to Share that aims to solve its mammoth food-waste problem by supplying leftover wedding dishes to some of the poorest members of society.



Even as it struggles with poverty and malnutrition, Indonesia bins more edible food per person than any other country except Saudi Arabia, according to an Economist Intelligence Unit survey last year.



The country’s food waste problem can be partly chalked up to local hospitality, which calls for ample helpings at all celebrations. Hosts often err on the side of abundance, and many hungry revelers’ eyes are bigger than their stomachs meaning lots of uneaten food.



"We are trying to close that gap between the rich and needy," said program founder Astrid Paramita, who hopes to expand to other cities and also start sourcing edibles from company meetings.



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