Brazil fighting fake news in the classroom 巴西人在教室裡打擊假新聞






Brazil has taken a stand against "fake news" stories swamping the internet by making media analysis studies compulsory for schoolchildren.



"The aim is to teach students to identify fake news, and now it’s part of the national curriculum because the country has decided it’s necessary," said Leandro Beguoci, a Brazilian educational expert.



At Casa Blanca public school in Sao Paulo, teachers of "Young Press" program ensure their students, aged eight to 14, know not to trust everything they watch or read at face value.



"When I consume a piece of information, I look for it on the internet and ask myself if it’s true," said Helena Vital, 11. "Now I know that things aren’t so bad, the whole country isn’t going to collapse."



The children do not have the tools to systematically check everything, but "they look at the articles, who wrote them, who could be interested in them and where they’re published, which are all ways of questioning the information," said a teacher.



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