Buddhist temples gain followers with Instagram, SNS accounts-佛寺靠Instagram與社群帳號增加信眾


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Famed temples in the Kansai region are reaching followers of a different kind by stepping up their online strategies to grab a piece of the Instagram craze action.



Posting pictures and videos of springtime cherry blossoms, colorful autumn leaves, and behind-the-scenes footage of Buddhist services on photo and video-sharing site Instagram, as well as YouTube, temples are proactively promoting their charms and raising their profiles over the Internet.



Chionin, the head temple of Jodo Shu (the Pure Land Sect) in Kyoto, joined Instagram in early April. The temple’s account on the social networking website features photos taken by priests including scenes from the "Midnight Nenbutsu" event and beautiful lotus flowers in bloom.



Kiyomizudera temple in Kyoto set a precedent for temples’ Instagram campaigns. The UNESCO World Heritage site started posting photos on the SNS in 2014 before it had become as widespread as it is now.




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