Walking on Water at PitchLake 彼奇湖讓你在水上漫步


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Visit this one-of-a-kind lake where you can really take a walk on the wild side. 


 When you think about going to a lake, you probably think about swimming or lying on a sandy beach to enjoy the sunshine. You would never dream about walking on the water. But that’s exactly what you can do at Pitch Lake in Trinidad, a body of water unlike any other. 


  First of all, Pitch Lake doesn’t only contain water. It also has a mix of oil, clay, and tar called pitch. This sticky black goois extremely thick, but still a liquid. Even so, the mixture can be walked on. Move too slowly, though, and you might start to sink.


  The lake is huge, 100 acresin size, and it could be over 70 meters deep in some places. Rather than swimming and other water activities, the pitch is minedfor asphaltand sent around the world. It has been used to paveroads in over 50 countries to date. Experts say even if miningcontinues, the pitch could last for another 400 years. That means you’ve still got time to plan a trip there and see Pitch Lake in person.


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