Akita Inu dog with 6 pups finds time to charm visitors at spa-有6隻幼犬的秋田犬仍有餘裕對溫泉訪客放電


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A magazine model and mother of six doesn’t let constant breast-feeding and child-rearing get in the way of hospitality.



Haru, a 15-month-old Akita Inu dog, charms tourists from around the world at the entrance to the Furusawa Onsen spa ryokan near the Nipro Hachiko Dome stadium.



Haru is friendly to humans and sadly whines when no one is around. She also barks and wags her tail when she sees a familiar face.



"Haru remembers visitors’ faces and says ’hello’ to them," said Kaori Kobayashi, 43, president of Furusawa Onsen.



Haru was born in Tokushima Prefecture and was taken to Odate in May last year.



Kobayashi decided to keep Haru when she heard a visitor saying, "Even if we come all the way to Akita Prefecture, we cannot find places to spend time with Akita Inu."



After Japan Airlines featured Haru in a magazine on its international routes last fall, tourists from Taiwan and Paris visited Furusawa Onsen.



In March this year, Haru mated with an Akita Inu from Hirosaki in neighboring Aomori Prefecture, and gave birth to six pups from the night of May 13 to early on May 14.



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