El Camino de Santiago: An Ancient Pilgrimage You Shouldn’t Miss 聖雅各之路 不容錯過的古老朝聖之旅


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Take a trip across Europe on this trail that is filled with history.


Many people go on long-distance journeys of deep religious meaning called pilgrimages to holy places around the world. In the past, it was often the only chance people had to leave their hometown. Nowadays, many people also take the trip as a way to do some soul-searching or to escape from daily life and experience nature. The Camino de Santiago, or the Way of Saint James, is one of the most famous long-distance pilgrimage trails in the world and has been walked by millions of people since the Middle Ages. 



The Camino de Santiago is actually made up of several different roads that all end at Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, an amazing church in Spain where Saint James is said to be buried. The best-known path is the Camino Frances, or the French Way, which starts from the town of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France. Being nearly 800 km long, the walk takes around 35 days or so, depending on a person’s health. While some may choose to bike or go on horseback instead of walking, this personal journey offers plenty of chances to take in beautiful views, explore ancient towns, and spend some time alone with your thoughts.

聖雅各之路其實是由幾條不同的路徑所組成,而且終點都是聖地牙哥-德孔波斯特拉主教座堂,那是一座位於西班牙、令人讚嘆連連的教堂,且據說是聖雅各埋葬之地。最廣為人知的路是 Camino Frances,又稱為法國之路,它的起點源自法國一個叫做聖讓皮耶德波爾的城鎮。它長約八百公里,這段步行路程費時大約三十五天,依據每個人的健康狀況而定。儘管有些人也許會選擇騎腳踏車或是騎馬而非走路,這段屬於個人的旅程提供你許多機會欣賞美景、探索古老城鎮、以及花些時間與自己的思緒共處。 

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