A Bunch of Bunny Facts兔子趣聞大集合


Britton Mercadante




Cute. Adorable. Fluffy. These are the words that hop into our minds when we think of rabbits. But how much do you really know about them? Read on to learn some interesting facts about these furry animals.



In the wild, rabbits face many dangers, but they have a few tricks up their sleeves to stay alive. They can run faster than humans to escape from larger animals, and their powerful hind legs make them very agile. They also have a great sense of hearing and can hear sounds from two miles away. They even sleep with their eyes open so that they can wake up and be ready to run away quickly!



Speaking of their eyes, rabbits have another special ability: they can see in front, behind, to the side, or even high above without turning their head. While humans have about a 210-degree field of view, rabbits have almost a 360-degree field of view because of the position of their eyes on their head. Rabbits use this ability to prevent other animals from creeping up on them.


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