Will the gig economy replace the job for life? 零工經濟將取代終身職業?






The UK’s gig economy is booming, with more people than ever before choosing to work for themselves. According to statistics released last year, one in seven UK workers which equates to a record-high of 4.8 million people are now enjoying the freedom of being self-employed. Research has also suggested that just 6 per cent of workers do the traditional hours of 9am to 5pm.




From a Workr Group survey of 150 UK-based contractors, freelancers and temporary workers, the most popular reason for 48 per cent of respondents for adopting a more flexible lifestyle was the prospect of having more disposable income. It’ll come as no surprise to learn that for almost half of respondents 45 per cent, the second most popular reason was an improved work-life balance. Reduced stress was also a key reason for over a third36 per centof respondents.




However, there are downsides too, as 37 per cent of respondents admitted they found life as contractor more financially risky, with 40 per cent claiming they dislike the uncertainty of not knowing where their next assignment is coming from.



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