From Trash to Treasure on a California Beach 是誰遺落了七彩寶石在人間?—— 夢幻玻璃海灘??




What was once a garbage dump? is now a sparkling? attraction like no other.



   When you think about broken glass, a picture of something sharp and dangerous often comes to mind. Give that glass some time to be rolled around by the power of the ocean, however, and you get something beautiful. The waves rub the sharp edges smooth and turn it into sea glass, which is almost as beautiful as a jewel. While it’s possible to find bits of sea glass at most beaches, it is still very rare. Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California is known for its sea glass, though.



  What makes this beach so special is that it is covered with smooth, shiny bits of sea glass in every color you can imagine. Though Glass Beach is now a part of a protected state park, it wasnt always that way. In fact, from 1906 to 1967, the people of Fort Bragg threw their garbage there as a common practice at the time. At last, people learned their mistake, and they cleaned the garbage off the beach. When they got down to the sand, they realized that the ocean had turned all those broken bottles into something beautiful. Locals decided to leave the sea glass. Today, Glass Beach is a popular tourist attraction.

  這座海灘之所以會這麼特別是因為它布滿了各種你想得到五彩繽紛、光滑閃亮的海玻璃。雖然玻璃海灘現在是州立公園保護區的一部分,但它過去不一直是這樣的。事實上,從 1906 年到 1967 年,加州布拉格堡居民通常把垃圾丟在那裡。最後,人們意識到他們所犯的錯誤,於是便清除了海灘上的垃圾。他們走下海灘時,發現海洋已將所有的破瓶子都變成美麗的東西。當地居民決定保留海玻璃。今日,玻璃海灘已成為熱門觀光景點。

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