The Day after Christmas節禮日知多少?




You may know that people celebrate Christmas and Christmas Eve. Were you aware that the day after Christmas is also a special holiday in many countries around the world?



Known as Boxing Day, it started in Great Britain and spread to the former colonies of the British Empire, including Canada, Australia, and South Africa. In most of these places it’s also an official holiday, which benefits those people who need an extra day to recover from having eaten and drunk too much on Christmas Day!



The origin of the holiday’s name is unclear, but everyone agrees that it has nothing to do with the fighting sport. One theory is that several hundred years ago it was traditional to give servants—who had to work on Christmas— box of money or gifts to thank them for their service. Others say it comes from a practice of setting out a box for charity in December. This would then be opened the day after Christmas so that the money could be given to the needy.


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