Glass Harps 不只是街頭藝術




The sound of singing glasses is music to people’s ears.



  The glass harp is one of the worlds most extraordinary instruments. It doesnt even appear to be an instrument at first glance, and it isnt actually a harp at all. Instead, its just a set of glasses on a table. The glasses are different sizes, and some are filled with water. To play the glass harp, musicians wet and rub their fingers along the tops of the glasses. Each glass will then produce a high or low sound, depending on its shape and how much water it contains. Many people think the sound created is delightful, like music you would hear in heaven.



  Its a mystery who invented the glass harp. Some say it first appeared in China, while others say Persia, but it was in Europe where it became the most popular. By the 1700s, European glass harp masters could play songs by Mozart and Beethoven on the instruments. This love for glass harps didn’t last long, however, as people lost interest after a while.



  Glass harps havent entirely disappeared, though. You can still find some street musicians playing them to entertain large crowds. If youre lucky enough to catch such a performance, sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful sounds of this unusual instrument.


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