Chinatown envisioned for Osaka, but locals aren’t happy - 當地人不歡迎打造大阪中華街的構想





An ambitious proposal to turn a century-old shopping arcade in Nishinari Ward of Osaka, Japan, into a Chinatown by 2025 isn’t being welcomed with open arms by Japanese shop owners.



The proposal, announced by a group of Chinese business people on Feb. 15, envisions 120 shops, many of them restaurants that serve dishes from various provinces of China, and four traditional Chinese gates.



But many shop operators along the covered shopping street don’t have an appetite for such a change.



Satoshi Shiraki, 62, who runs a pawnshop, said he was surprised to find that the plan for building a Chinatown was moving faster than he had expected.



"Nishinari is different from Yokohama and Kobe where a large number of overseas Chinese have lived for many years," he said of the two cities, which have Chinatowns. "The Chinatown project will meet with opposition if it is pushed in a heavy-handed manner."



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