Old Metals Become New Medals東京奧運將廢金屬變成獎牌




Every two years, thousands of gold, silver, and bronze medals are given out to the world's best athletes at the Olympic Games. For the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, the city's Olympic organizing committee is using a surprising source to obtain the metal needed to make these medals: mobile phones.



By the summer of 2020, Tokyo will need to produce five thousand medals for its Olympic and Paralympic Games. To meet this goal, Japan has launched a campaign encouraging its citizens to leave their old phones and other electronics at public offices and phone shops throughout the country. The key is that electronics have small amounts of valuable metals in them which can be extracted through a chemical process. Up to eight tons of recycled metal will be collected.



While this campaign will benefit the environment and reduce the cost of hosting the Games, these aren't its only benefits. For the Japanese people themselves, it offers a chance to become a unique part of Olympic history.



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