Outdoor Offices: Wave of the Future?    新浪潮:戶外辦公室

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An office might not be the most productive area to get your work done.

Most people who spend their days stuck inside an office know that it can get a little boring sometimes. Day after day of sitting in an uncomfortable chair waiting for the workday to be over can be hard. Now, some forward-thinkingcompanies are taking steps to make job environments more comfortable for their workers. Recent research has shown that being surrounded by trees, grass, and plants helps people become more productive. Therefore, it seems only natural that some companies would want to increase efficiency by surrounding their employees with nature. 


Office spaces that are outdoors have all the necessities of a modern office such as electricity, plugs, and Wi-Fi, but they are built closer to nature. The spaces range from small tables outdoors in a park, to actually having desks and computers set up outside. While there are worries related to rain and other forms of bad weather, working outside seems to be a lot less stressful than being trapped inside all day. So far, outdoor offices have been a big hit at companies that have set them up. Maybe one day, you will get to set up your office outside.


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