Lonely Place Where Stray Dogs Live 孤獨犬之島


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Learn about an island of dogs that are getting a helping hand from the locals. 



Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs is an animated film about dogs that are sent away to Trash Island because the government believes they are spreading diseases. One boy loves his dog so much that he is willing to risk his life to save it.



Although the film isn’t a true story, there’s a real-life place similar to Trash Island in Karachi, Pakistan. It’s called Dingy Island, and it’s empty except forgarbage and dozens of dogs. No one is sure how the dogs got there, but they have lived there for many years. In Pakistan, dogs aren’t usually kept as pets, so strays are very common. Many people think they are just dirty animals, so few people care whether they live or die. Without food or drinking water, these dogs can’t survive on the island.



 Luckily, local fishermen decided to look after the dogs. Every few days, they bring the strays food and fresh water. Some fishermen see it as a test from God. They believe that if they take care of the dogs, God will take care of them in the future. While stray dogs continue to suffer around the world, at least these fishermen are doing something to help.


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